Midtown Interior Renovation

A thorough main floor renovation and re-design was necessary in  this narrow mid-town semi, in order to capitalize on space and facilitate flow, while maximizing storage. With creative space planning and  bespoke kitchen and wardrobe millwork, we were able to achieve function, form and flow.

Featured projects

Riverdale Interior Renovation

Modern meets transitional in this turn of the century home, which maintains much of its original character alongside desirable modern upgrades.

Bungalow Architectural Renovation

​A head to toe renovation of this mid-century ranch style bungalow demonstrates the purest tenets of modernism- clean, simple, and functional. (Under Construction)

Rosedale Interior Design

This newly constructed home displays acutely detailed modern finishes and details. The newly designed interior, complete with a curated collection of vibrant canvases and intricate sculptures, bodes well in this tony Toronto neighbourhood.